Emarat Grants its Trademarks Franchises<br /> to one of the most prestigious investors in the Sultanate of Oman
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Emarat Grants its Trademarks Franchises
to one of the most prestigious investors in the Sultanate of Oman
In its first step to expand its trademarks in the GCC and other regions, Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat" has signed an agreement with one of the most prestigious investors in the Sultanate of Oman, granting said investor franchise of three trademarks to be operating in Muscat, namely Freshplus, Bakeria and Café Arabicca.

Dr. Rahma bin Mohamed Al Shamsi, Retail Sales Manager at Emarat, welcomed this new agreement and expressed his confidence towards this first step in the expansion of Emarat's trademarks outside the borders of the UAE.. He also said that this expansion comes in line with Emarat's marketing plans which were developed in cooperation with a leading corporation in the field of trademarks development and consultation. Dr. Al Shamsi further pointed out that Emarat will be signing soon similar franchise agreements with other GCC countries and Egypt, after finalization of the related franchise procedures stages.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Shamsi said that Emarat's trademarks rely on an experience spanning over more than 15 years in the sector of convenience stores in the UAE's markets, in addition to that these trademarks enjoy several success factors, the most important of which may be that they operate under a major corporation like Emarat.

He also clarified that the Corporation, and in accordance with the agreement, shall provide continuous support and training to ensure the success of the franchise, including the provision of maintenance and operations unit, customer service, product order operations, pricing strategy, administrative procedures in addition to site supervision.

The administration shall also collaborate with the investor regarding the development of advertisement material, and will provide him with consumer based marketing plans, locally and regionally used material, and operation programs.

Freshplus is considered a huge development in the concept of modern shopping, as the stores provide comfortable and luxurious atmospheres, while focusing at the same time on value, quality, and distinct service. Café Arabicca is the first national trademark uniquely known for its high quality in the coffee and hot beverages sector. Bakeria was able to strengthen its name as one of the most important trademarks in the UAE in the field of light meal, sandwiches, bread, pastries and sweets.

Emarat's trademarks will continue their expansion inside the UAE, knowing that the sixth Freshplus Franchise store was recently opened in Dubai.

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Dr. Rahma bin Mohamed Al Shamsi
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