Fasttrack Begins the Installation of Speed Limiter Devices in Vehicles
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Fasttrack Begins the Installation of Speed Limiter Devices in Vehicles
Fasttrack, the vehicles maintenance and repair centers at Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat”, in cooperation with Tibra General Trading Company, has started installing speed limiter devices in the vehicles subject to the Ministerial Cabinet’s Resolution no. 6 of 2011, which stipulated changing the standard feature for safety requirements in passengers vehicles and equipping such vehicles with cruise controllers.

Mr. Ahmad Ayyash, Fasttrack General Manager, said that Fasttrack has started providing and installing speed limiter devices at Fasttrack centers, in its attempt to implement the resolution passed by the Cabinet. Skilled technicians, to ensure the safety and security of drivers and road users, are carrying out such procedures safely and securely.

Mr. Ayyash also pointed out that the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate for Traffic, has begun, since the start of last March, the implementation of the new compulsory standards for all vehicles that can take 22 passengers or less. Such standards have many requirements, among them installing speed limiter devices at 100 km per hour as maximum speed.

He further added that all Fasttrack centers are now installing the cruise control devices which are obligatory for all the vehicles subject to the Ministerial resolution. Mr. Ayyash said that the device being installed by the Fasttrack centers is one of the latest internationally accredited devices, and complies with all the technical standards and criteria required.

He also clarified that installing cruise control devices in vehicles diminishes traffic violations, especially on highways. It also decreases vehicle maintenance expenses, alerts the driver to speed limits and helps in avoiding accidents, in addition to the reduction in fuel consumption.

Mr. Ayyash further added that Fasttrack is considered to be the best alternative for car owners after the authorized car dealers, adding that Fasttrack's unique and attractive services are not only available to individuals, but also to the fleets of different companies.

Fasttrack has a network of 12 centers located at chosen Emarat service stations in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. All Fasttrack centers are distinguished for their strategic locations which make the services easily available and accessible.

Fasttrack provides a wide selection of services within a unique concept that focuses on fast and high quality service provided by qualified technicians, in a comfortable atmosphere. There is no need to make appointments, and the centers working hours are convenient to all customers, and some locations are open 24/7. The centers also provide genuine spare parts for different vehicles.

Mr. Ayyash also said that there are numerous fast services available at Fasttrack centers, which include checking and testing brakes, air conditioners, car electrics and Battery, steering wheel and the suspension system, in addition to general maintenance, lubes and tyres replacement.

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