Within the Franchising Program:<br /> The Launch of Emarat’s Trademark “Freshplus” in Oman
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Within the Franchising Program:
The Launch of Emarat’s Trademark “Freshplus” in Oman
Mehdi Commercial Enterprises LLC in the Sultanate of Oman, has opened its first chain of “Freshplus” stores, the trademark owned by Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat”. This launch comes as a step to enhance the expansion of Emarat’s trademarks in the GCC region and other countries.

Dr. Rahma bin Mohamed Al Shamsi, Retail Sales Manager at "Emarat", welcomed this opening of “Freshplus” stores in Oman, and expressed his confidence that this is only the first step towards a wider expansion of the Corporation’s trademarks outside the United Arab Emirates. This expansion comes in line with the marketing plans set out by Emarat in cooperation with a number of leading international companies specialized in the field of consultancy and development of franchise. Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that Emarat is currently exploring similar agreements with investors from the GCC and Egypt.

Mr. Sadiq Mehdi Jawad Al Lawati said that the opening of the first “Freshplus” store in Oman was carried out in accordance with an agreement entered into with Emarat, by which the Omani investor was granted franchise rights to the trademark, in addition to two trademarks that operate under the “Freshplus” umbrella. These are Café Arabicca, the first national trademark of its kind in the UAE, known for its high quality coffees and hot drinks, and “Bakeria”, considered today one of the most established trademarks in the country and famous for its distinct service that provides light snacks, sandwiches, fresh bread and pastries and sweets.

Mr. Al Lawati added that being granted the “Freshplus” franchise in Oman, in addition to Bakeria and Café Arabicca, is considered a unique investment opportunity, “investing in these trademarks has all the factors required for success. It is enough that they are under Emarat’s name, this corporation that enjoys an experience of more than fifteen years in convenience stores in the UAE.”

He further clarified that Emarat’s franchise rights agreements provide for logistic, technical and continuous training support that aim to enhance the investment’s success. Emarat’s support also includes operations and maintenance units, customer service techniques, product order operations, price setting, administrative procedures and sites choice supervision. Emarat also will be collaborating with the investor with regard to the development of any advertisement material and strategies, as it will provide him with consumer marketing plans, and the material being used locally and regionally, in addition to
operations programs.

Mr. Al Lawatii finally said that the near future will see the opening of more “Freshplus” stores in other locations in Oman; “Freshplus” is considered a qualitative development in modern shopping. “Freshplus” enables customers to shop in a friendly comfortable atmosphere, and focuses on value, quality and unique service.

It is worth mentioning that Emarat manages seven convenience stores which are all independent of the service stations in which they are located. These stores were established in premium sites that serve the largest sector of customers. Seven more stores were opened by investors who were granted franchise rights of the “Freshplus” trade name" in UAE.

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