Emarat Discusses Development of Cooperation with ExxonMobil
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Emarat Discusses Development of Cooperation with ExxonMobil
Mr. Abdulrahman Qasim Al Ali, Commercial Sales Manager at Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat", met with Mr. Richard Grist, Basestocks Territory Manager, Central/Southern Africa & Middle East of M/s. ExxonMobil. The meeting was held at Emarat’s headquarters in Dubai.

Mr. Al Ali welcomed Mr. Richard, stressing that Emarat always seeks to enhance its cooperation relations with other companies wishing to build business relationships, especially partners in business. He pointed out that a long term cooperation relationship had tied Emarat and ExxonMobil in the oil and lubes sector. Mr. Al Ali further said that it is of great importance to develop the said cooperation to generate more growth for both parties.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Manager Lubricants Sales at Emarat, and Mr. V.S.S. Sarma, Manager (Tech).

The most partnerships and cooperation relationship between Emarat and Exxon Mobil is the Middle East Lube Company "MELBCO", in Jebel Ali which mixes commercial and industrial lubes of high quality, and the joint venture Emojet for aviation fuel supply, which is managed by Emarat. Another project

British Petroleum and Jibca companies own shares in the plant, in addition to Emarat and ExxonMobil.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Qasim Al Ali, said that “Emarat" have very good share of the vehicles lubricant in the UAE market, and is keen to provide the best and finest quality,

He further explained that Emarat's exports of vehicles lube oils have witnessed obvious growth in recent years. Such products are now being distributed in numerous countries in the Gulf region, the Middle East, the states of the Russian Federation, China, and the Indian peninsula. Mr. Al Ali also said that Emarat aims to explore more foreign markets for its products.

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