Under the Slogan “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty”:<br /> Emarat Elevates its Program “Star of the Month” to New Heights
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Under the Slogan “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty”:
Emarat Elevates its Program “Star of the Month” to New Heights
The retail sales department at Emirates General Petroleum Corporation "Emarat", has elevated its recognition program for honoring distinctive employees working at its service stations, to a higher level, in its attempt to launch a new concept of distinction and appreciation. This new initiative aims at enhancing the culture of encouragement and inspiration based on appreciating the efforts of the hard working employee and his loyalty to the job, which will undoubtedly contribute in establishing the values of loyalty and belonging and enhancing team spirits.

Dr. Rahma bin Mohamed Al Shamsi, Retail Sales Manager in Emarat, said
“the honoring, in its new level, is like a thank you card presented by Emarat to the hard workers, in a manner which is fitting to their achievements, endeavors and loyalty. Especially that any success is at the end of the day achieved by our cumulative efforts, for we are one family striving to enhance the Corporation’s position and leadership.”

He further added, “after 10 years of launching the “Star of the Month” program by the retail sales department at Emarat, which aimed to honor distinctive employees who are committed to high quality services, it is time now to develop the program and lift it to new levels relevant to the accumulated experience during the past years of executing the said program.” Dr. Al Shamsi also said that efforts should be focused on establishing the concepts of this program in order to encourage and honor the creative and distinctive employee using the best methods.

Dr. Al Shamsi added, “Honoring the distinctive employee plays a major role in his incentive, and encourages him to work harder. It also encourages other employees to keep on working hard, as this aspect comes in line with the Corporation’s effots to provide a positive competitive environment that enhances the performance levels of its employees and establishes the concept of distinction.”

He also said “the road to distinction may include difficulties and hurdles. The distinctive employee overcomes all these obstacles, regardless of the circumstances, and he is always intent on achieving success and realizing goals without tiring.”

Mr. Abdullah Hassan Al Noman, Manager, Retail Sales Operations at Emarat, said that the program has proven its effectiveness and success throughout the years, as it contributed to encouraging competitiveness, perseverance and distinction among employees. This had a very positive effect on the quality of the provided services, which was the main goal of the program since its inception.”

Mr. Al Noman also said “Emarat will keep on honoring and showing its appreciation to distinct employees, and will always encourage their efforts towards more success. This honoring is the least we can do to show our gratitude for their exceptional performance".

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