Within the Franchising Program:<br /> Emarat’s Brand, Bakeria, Opens a New Store in Abu Dhabi
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Within the Franchising Program:
Emarat’s Brand, Bakeria, Opens a New Store in Abu Dhabi
Bakeria, the unique brand name owned by Emirates General Petroleum Corporation “Emarat”, keeps on enhancing its position among competing brand names, with a new venue that was inaugurated recently by one of the companies granted the franchise rights to Bakeria and Café Arabica.

Bakeria, which specializes in snacks, sandwiches, fresh bread, pastries and desserts, is one of Emarat’s brand names, which include Freshplus stores. The Freshplus stores are considered a major development in the concept of modern shopping within comfortable and luxurious settings. The shops focus on value, high quality and unique service delivered by trained employees characterized by professionalism and efficiency. The brands also include Café Arabicca, which offers a vast array of fresh and rich coffee drinks.

Emarat attended the new store’s opening ceremony, represented by Dr. Rahma bin Mohammed Al Shamsi, Retail Sales Director, and Mr. Darren Smith, Senior Manager Retail Marketing. Bloom Levant for Restaurant Management was represented by its general manager, Mr. Mowafak Sabbagh, and head of business development, Mr. Amer Sabbagh.

Dr. Al Shamsi expressed his happiness and pride with the success that Bakeria has achieved, saying that its vast expansion is due to Bakeria’s attraction of investors who wish to be granted the franchise rights to the brand name.

Dr. Al Shamsi further said that Bakeria embodies Emarat’s policy aiming to create services and products that distinguish it from other competing companies, and to meet its customers’ expectation, while diligently working on providing the customers with the best and most comfortable services possible.

Mr. Mowafak Sabbagh, who was granted the franchise rights, expressed his delight with Bakeria and Café Arabicca, and confirmed that he sees the new store as a profitable and successful investment. He also said that he hopes to open new Bakeria branches, in line with his future expansion plans.

Mr. Sabbagh added that the brand’s success on its support system, including its operating marketing and advertising schemes. As such, Bakeria enjoys great strength points as it is operated under the umbrella of a leading corporation, and is known for its high quality services and products, in addition to being supported by a vast infrastructure, comprehensive operating procedures, training programs, marketing plans and advertisement material, all of which render the franchise rights a feasible and profitable investment.

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Mowafak Sabbagh cutting the ribbon in the presence of Dr. Rahma bin Mohammed Al Shamsi, Darren Smith and Amer Sabbagh
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