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  Emarat Cards
The smart way to manage your motoring expenses.

Whether youíre running your own car or managing a large corporate fleet, an Emarat card is the easy way to take care of all your motoring expenses. Itís quicker, more convenient and more secure than cash, and provides you with detailed information on your spending to help you control your costs easily.

We offer a range of cards to meet your needs, all of which are accepted across the UAE at any Emarat or Emirates General Petroleum Corporation site, as well as at ADNOC service stations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and Oman Oil sites in The Sultanate of Oman.

The Bene fits
Control; limit how much your drivers spend, and what they spend it on.
Security; limit transactions to a driver or a vehicle.
Administration; a single, consolidated invoice for all fuel and related purchases.
Electronic; web access for account data and card administration.
Management; a range of reports to help you manage your fleet.
Electronic; cashless transactions for speed and security.
More information
Frequently asked questions
Order Form

More information
Frequently asked questions
Order Form

More information
Frequently asked questions
The Technology
  Emarat cards use the latest smart card technology to bring you a number of impressive benefits:
Each card includes a chip which can store a range of data and provide more security than cash purchasing.
Spend less time on administration; with all motoring expenses itemized in one consolidated transactional statement.
Program cards to enable them to be used by either specific drivers, or specific vehicles.
Keep track of spending; with all transactions available to view on line.

  A credit based card for easy fleet management

The first card of its kind to be launched in Dubai, Safeer is a credit based card designed to make management of corporate fleet costs easier, more secure, and more controllable than ever before.

  A prepaid card for fleet control

If you manage a small to medium sized fleet, or are looking for a personalized card for your own motoring costs, Atheer is the perfect solution.

  Em - cash    
  The smart alternative to cash

If youíre looking for the simplest, easiest way to take control of your costs, look no further. Em-Cash can be picked up at any Emarat service station. No application forms, no waiting. Just pick up an Em-Cash card, load it with value, and off you go!
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