Emarat provides livelihoods for thousands of staff and their families. Our network is making an ever-greater contribution to communities that benefit from an enriched value chain and shared economic growth.   

It’s our duty to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives we touch. We are governed by respect for UAE society, for our natural environment, and the people we serve. We operate in accordance with all national and international environmental and HSE standards and reinvest in technologies and infrastructure to ensure we  operate in the cleanest and most responsible way possible.   

Our fuel stations feature a number of energy-efficient systems and water conservation measures that help to reduce the impact on the environment. These include:

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Lighting Control

  • Automatic lighting controls for C-Stores that conserve energy during the day.
  • Canopy lighting that’s dimmed at night and switched off during the daytime.
  • Occupancy sensors for the back of house rooms and toilets.
  • LED lights fitted throughout.
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Energy Efficiency

  • Energy-efficient automatic air conditioning systems with ozone friendly systems (R-134A, 407C, R410A or equivalent) used for larger C-Stores.
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning VRF units used for smaller C-Stores.
  • Energy-efficient pumps with variable controls VFD.
  • Electrical meters and sub-meters for individual facilities and functions.
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Water Conservation

  • Filtration system to ensure water does not contain legionella bacteria.
  •  All toilets provided with a ‘dual flush system’. 
  • All taps and showers equipped with aerators to reduce water consumption.
  • Water sub-meters provided for individual facilities.
  • Where available lube oil change, and oil interceptors are provided prior to discharge. The drainage holding tank collects flow when there is no municipality drainage network. 
  • 100% of car wash gray water is recycled and reclaimed for the manual wash system.
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Thermodynamic Solar water heaters

This revolutionary system is able to overcome the constraints of traditional solar thermal techniques by capturing more energy from the sun as well as from wind, rain or air through natural convection. This means it can also work at night with greater energy efficiency.

Solar System

Emarat supports the UAE’s drive for energy conservation and reducing the carbon footprint. Emarat will install solar PV systems in its 40 existing filling stations and 25 new filling stations. The first project will be rolled out in December 2020.

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Tank Gauging System

All Emarat stations are equipped with an Automatic Tank Gauging System (ATGS), an electronic device that monitors a tank’s fuel level. This ensures the integrity of fuel products while preventing inventory loss and environmental damage in case of a leak. The ATGS ensures that enough product is available and automatically alerts staff in case of a leak or when it is time to reorder. 

Vapor Recovery Min

Vapor Recovery

Refilling a station’s underground storage tanks and individual vehicles leads to the displacement of petrol vapor in a volume equal to the fuel being transferred. This escaping vapor contains benzene, xylene, toluene, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which contribute to air pollution. New Emarat stations are designed with Vapor Recovery Systems to reduce vapor loss.