We know that you’ve come to expect a certain quality when you buy your LPG cylinders from Emarat. Which is why every cylinder is quality checked, inspected, weighed, cleaned and sealed before every delivery that comes through our network of trained and trusted distributors that meet the highest standards of safety and quality as per the approved guidelines of local authorities.



Businesses expect and depend upon a high standard of service and product, which is why so many choose to purchase their LPG from Emarat. We’re supporting the day-to-day operations of multiple industries through the provision of bulk LPG delivered from our wholly-owned facility of storage tanks located at Jebel Ali and delivered via road tankers direct to the end-user.

From malls to hotels, commercial hubs to residential developers and manufacturing industries, we’re bringing energy right into the heart of commerce either through bulk tank centralised gas systems and networks or cylinder deliveries.


Safety, quality and authenticity

In 2020, Emarat introduced a new tamper-proof seal, with each cylinder carrying the hologram of Emarat and Emirates Gas, alongside a unique serial number. The unified seal ensures that every single cylinder is authentic and safe – with quality guaranteed.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services

When you bulk buy LPG from Emarat, you can rely on us to deliver authentic, high quality peripherals; whether it's hoses, connectors, or regulators, we’ve got it covered. Which is precisely what our customers have come to expect from Emarat.

In 2020, Emarat launched a new annual maintenance service (AMC) for Bulk Central Gas Systems. The 24/7 service ensures that all gas pipe networks are installed and serviced by Emarat, so customers benefit from a safe and reliable around-the-clock service, 365 days a year.