Quick, convenient and more secure than any other way of procuring fuel and services on the road; managing your personal or corporate expenses has never been this simple!

Emarat Smart Cards and Connect vehicle tags can meet the diverse needs of drivers and are accepted at all Emarat and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation sites across the UAE. 

Significant benefits of using Emarat smart cards and Connect vehicle tags: 

  • Total control of spending – allowing daily, weekly and monthly spending limits for all products and services 
  • Security – online authorisation of all transactions, end-to-end automation 
  • Reduced administration – including downloadable single monthly VAT statements, and a wide range of reports in downloadable formats to help you manage your costs 
  • Flexible online account management – with changes implemented immediately 
  • Next-Generation Technology platform – providing the fastest, most secure and most tailorable solution available 
  • Flexible credit management functionality 
  • Driver convenience – faster transactions at sites, and with Connect drivers don't need to even carry a card

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